Il Matrimonio Segeto, Pop Up Opera, 2017

“Chiara Vinci’s acting, singing and sheer presence, shone the brightest.” - Frost Magazine

“Blending seamlessly into the no-holds-barred spirit are the limber-voiced Chiara Vinci (Carolina).” - The Stage

“Chiara Vinci played the heroine with verve and energy, her flexible and expressive soprano soaring effortlessly.” - Classical Source

“…as Carolina, Chiara Vinci is a feisty soprano full of energy and wit.” - Paul in London

The Loves of Mars and Venus, Barefoot Opera & The Weaver Dance Company, 2017

“The role of Hester Santlow / Venus was played by Chiara Vinci; a talented singer as well as Baroque dancer. Her opening aria, finely and richly rendered, set the quality and tone of the coming performance. As an actress her facial expressions and movements were beautifully effective and catered charmingly for the frequent and instantly changing moods of anger, sadness, coyness, flirtation, and playfulness, within the plot. Underpinning her dancing was a powerful technique which enabled her to present an excellent combination of light-footed delicacy with a very persuasive Baroque style and gesture.” - Paul Kent

Simplicius Simplicissumus, Independent Opera, 2016

“A special mention must go to Chiara Vinci for her intense performance.” -Planet Hugill

“Vinci represented all women caught up in war in her impressively balletic performance, her agony ending only when Simplicius intervened to foretell the downfall of such tyranny.” - The Guardian

Kommilitonen! Welsh National Youth Opera, 2016

This is a strongly ensemble piece, but Chiara Vinci was vocally striking as Sophie Scholl'. Muckrack

"It was Chiara Vinci’s Sophie Scholl that stood out, incredibly moving, naturally poised and with a lovely bloom to the voice." - The Guardian

Tannhäuser Longborough Festival Opera, 2016

"Chiara Vinci performed the role of a young Shepherd with a wonderful piping voice and I have rarely heard this sung better." - Seen & Heard International

“Chiara Vinci momentarily stole the show as the Shepherd Boy.” - Classical Source

“I loved Chiara Vinci as the young shepherd, whose miming of the pipe playing seemed so authentic.” - Mark Ronan

“Chiara Vinci a delightful, eye-catching shepherd boy.” - The Arts Desk

“…the Young Shepherd, which is beautifully sung by Chiara Vinci.” - MusicOMH

La Serva Padrona, Barefoot Opera, 2016

“The soprano Chiara Vinci trained with Jenny Miller and has worked with Loughborough Festival and the Welsh National Youth Opera. She has an exquisite voice and exceptional acting skills.” - Glasgow Herald

Sarastro Productions, Dress Rehearsal, 2016

“Chiara Vinci’s unaccompanied ‘She moved Through the Fair,’ was nothing short of spine tingling.” - The State of The Arts

“Chiara Vinci is a promising soprano and at her most engaging when unaccompanied.” - Jhonny Fox

Psyche, Tête-à-Tête Opera Festival, Born Mad, 2014

As a glowing light gradually glows, we see that in fact we are alone with an opera singer, Chiara Vinci, who sings and acts for us alone with consummate skill. The sheer luxury of being this close to someone with such extraordinary talent is, for me, the best part of Psyche.” - Backtrack